Why do I need an unemployment insurance fund?

When you become unemployed, you always have to deal with two offices: on the one hand with the RAV (regional employment centres) or municipal office, that is fixed, here you have no choice. On the other hand, with the unemployment insurance fund (ALK). Here you actually have a choice.

The unemployment insurance fund

  • is the office that determines your right to unemployment benefits on behalf of SECO and calculates the amount of your daily allowances and the duration of your entitlement.
  • also pays out the daily allowances. The Fund is the actual paying agency for unemployment insurance.
  • also pays out the money for labour market measures, e.g. course costs or training allowances.
  • answers all your questions regarding the scope and type of unemployment insurance cash benefits.
  • supports you in a dispute with your employer, at the conciliation board or even in court.

Within the Swiss Federation of Trade Unions, syndicom and Unia are the only trade unions that run their own unemployment insurance fund. Thanks to the trade union unemployment funds, the trade unions can exert their influence in shaping unemployment insurance. We therefore recommend that you choose the syndicom unemployment fund. Membership of the trade union is not a prerequisite.

Which unemployment insurance fund is responsible for me?

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