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After a dismissal, one often has the feeling that he or she has been treated unfairly. Did everything go according to the rules when you were dismissed or was the dismissal abusive? If in doubt: do not hesitate and seek advice! The syndicom unemployment fund advises and supports its unemployed clients and those threatened with unemployment.

Who do I need to contact?

  • The unemployment insurance fund syndicom is already in charge of your case. For legal advice, contact your ALK syndicom contact point directly. The friendly staff is well-versed, experienced and will answer you immediately.
  • The syndicom unemployment insurance fund does not have a current file on you because you are not yet registered as unemployed. Register with the RAV, don't wait! Dial the unemployment insurance fund syndicom. Make a phone call to the ALK.
  • We are typically able to help you in English. 

Common topics in the area of unemployment insurance law include notice periods, termination without notice, unfair dismissal, protection against dismissal, entitlement to daily allowances, suspension days.


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