What documents do I need?

When you become unemployed, you have to fill in a lot of forms and hand them in or send them in. Unfortunately, this is the case when the office and the fund open a new file. Do not lose courage. Work carefully, get it over and done with.

What does the RAV/municipality need?

For the notification of unemployment:

  • AHV card
  • official identity document (identity card, passport, foreigner's identity card, driver's licence)
  • If you have to report unemployment at an RAV, you will need a certificate of residence or the "Schriftenempfangsschein" from the municipality of residence. If a municipal office is responsible for reporting unemployment, you do not need anything else

For the first consultation:

  • AHV card
  • If you have registered as unemployed with the municipality: the form "Meldung bei der Wohngemeinde" (the municipality has filled it out for you and given it to you).
  • Employment contract and letter of resignation or notice of termination
  • Your current and complete job application dossier (letter of application, CV, references, diplomas, certificates)
  • Proof of your efforts to work since your dismissal 
  • If you are a foreign national: foreigner's identity card
  • If you are a citizen of an EU or EFTA member state and currently receive unemployment benefits from an EU/EFTA member state: the form "PD U2". The U2 certificate issued to you by the employment services of the state concerned.


At the end of each month:

  • If you have incurred costs for childcare because of work or a labour market measure: the form "Bescheinigung Kinderbetreuung" (childcare certificate)

What does the syndicom unemployment fund need?

In the beginning we need some forms. Unfortunately, they may only be available in German, French or Italian:

  • The form "Application for unemployment benefit" ("Antrag auf Arbeitslosenentschädigung")
    The form "Employer's certificate" ("Arbeitgeberbescheinigung") of all employers of the last 2 years. To be completed by the employer(s)! Do not forget the enclosures.
  • Copy of your RAV registration
  • Copies of your employment contract and letter/notice of termination
  • Copy of your pay slips for the last 12 months
  • Copy of your bank or post card

Possibly additionally:

  • The Form "Maintenance obligation towards children" ("Unterhaltspflicht gegenüber Kindern") and birth certificate(s)
  • If you are a national of an EU/EFTA state: the "PD U1" form
  • In the case of foreign nationality (without a C permit): Copy of the valid residence permit

At the end of each month:

  • The "Details of the insured person" ("Angaben der versicherten Person") form (SECO sends you this form by post every month)

Possibly additionally:

  • If you have worked: the form "Certificate of interim earnings" ("Bescheinigung über Zwischenverdienst")
  • If you have been on military or civilian service: the form "Bescheinigung über die Erwerbsausfallentschädigung"
  • If you were ill or had an accident: the form "Certificate on the receipt of daily sickness and accident benefits" ("Bescheinigung über den Bezug von Kranken- und Unfalltaggeldern") as well as the form "Medical certificate" ("Arztzeugnis), to be completed by a doctor.
  • If you have taken part in a course: Copy of the "Certificate of labour market measure" ("Bescheinigung arbeitsmarktliche Massnahme")

All documents to download​​​​​​​

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