Are you expecting a child while you are unemployed? Attention: Immediately after the birth, your current daily unemployment benefit starts to be suspended. The unemployment file will be cancelled.

Daily unemployment benefits are replaced by maternity benefits, for a period of 98 days (or longer if your canton of residence provides higher benefits than the federal insurance). During this time, you are primarily considered a mother. This is because unemployed mothers should not be placed in a worse position than employed mothers. 

This also means that you have to submit a new application. This time with the AHV compensation office. Maternity allowance is not paid automatically. Don't fret - for the sake of your child.

The maternity allowance is never lower than the previous daily allowance. But be careful: unpaid leave before the birth can have a negative effect on the amount of maternity benefit.

You can fill in the application form online on the AHV-IV information portal.

Alternatively, you can print out the form there and send it by post.

The entitlement to daily unemployment benefit is revived after the maternity allowance has expired. This requires a new registration with the unemployment office.

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