How much money will I receive?

Unemployment benefit is calculated on the basis of your income subject to OASI for the last 6 or 12 months in which you received a wage or earned income. Whichever is better for you.

The income subject to OASI is called "insured earnings". Earnings are insured with unemployment insurance if they reach an average of CHF 500 per month.

As a general rule, you receive 70% of the insured earnings as unemployment benefit.

In the following cases, you receive 80% of the insured earnings:

  • You have to support children, or
  • Your insured earnings are less than CHF 3797 per month, or
  • You receive a disability pension (IV degree of at least 40%).

Unemployment benefit is paid in the form of "daily allowances". Five daily allowances are paid per calendar week, and one daily allowance is paid for each working day. Because not every month has the same number of working days, the unemployment benefit is not exactly the same every month.

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