Am I entitled to unemployment benefit?

If all of the following conditions apply to you, you are entitled to compensation under the federal act on OASI.

  • Unemployed: you are completely or partially unemployed.
  • Loss of income: you lose all or part of your earned income.
  • Residence in Switzerland: You do not need Swiss citizenship, but your place of residence is here.
  • Working age: You have completed compulsory schooling and still have AHV retirement age ahead of you.
  • Contribution period: You have paid contributions to the unemployment insurance fund (ALV) for at least 12 months in the last 2 years before reporting unemployment. More information.
  • Fit for placement: you are willing, able and entitled to accept a reasonable job and to participate in possible integration measures
  • Monitoring rules: You have appeared in person at the information day and at the arranged counselling and control meetings at the office. You are doing everything reasonable to avoid or shorten unemployment.

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